Swiss International Air Lines Bombardier CS100 from Milan to Zurich

Hi, so this is the summary of my flight with the Swiss International Air Lines Bombardier CS100 from Milan to Zurich. Btw, when writing the Swiss International Air Lines Bombardier CS100, I mean the CS100 operated by Swiss. Swiss International Air Lines is just the official name of the airline commonly known as Swiss Anyway, that’s not so important :D. As always, I created a video on this, which I recommend watching.

First of all, a little piece of advice: I believe the most comfortable and quickest way to get from from the center of Milano to Malpensa International Airport is choosing the train. Especially if you are travelling alone this will save you a lot of money, since less than 15€ for the train ticket are cheap compared to what you would pay for a cab. You can buy the tickets on the ground floor not far away from the escalators.The rail track for the Malpensa Express is number 1, at least it was when I was there.

Now let’s go on with my flight. After completing the check-in I went right to the Lufthansa lounge. I gained lounge access through my business class ticket, so I didn’t use the Priority Pass lounge this time. The Lufthansa lounge is a bit hidden, but if you follow the signs you will find it easily. It is not huge, but offers a decent selection of food and a variety of beverages. There is even a beer tap. I didn’t use it though :-).

Lufthansa Lounge Malpensa Airport

Here’s the some snacks you can have at the Lufthansa lounge at Malpensa Airport

There are different areas: On the one end, there is more of a work area, on the other you find the food. In the middle, there are plenty of armchairs. However, I didn’t see any showers and there were no computers as well. So in my view it is okay for a short stay, but if you are going overseas and spend more time in the lounge, this may not be the real thing. I had a late morning flight and it was nearly empty and very quiet.

Lufthansa Lounge Malpensa Airport

The Business/Work area at the Lufthansa Lounge at Malpensa Airport

The staff was very kind and was able to answer any questions concerning my flight. Also, they retrieved my boarding pass, which I lost while filming :D.

Lufthansa Lounge Malpensa Airport

The dessert I chose at the Lufthansa Lounge at Malpensa Airport

The Swiss International Air Lines Bombardier CS100 – state of the art

The flight itself was operated with a Bombardier CS100. It is the newest addition to the fleet of Swiss. What shall I say, it is an impressive piece of technology, that brings the feeling of a big airliner to a regional jet. The first thing you notice are those huge windows bringing a lot of natural light into the cabin. The seats are new and very comfortable, although legroom was surprisingly limited in business class (I believe it is the same all over the plane). Above each seat row on each side there is a small screen. They show both the safety video and some flight information on there.

Swiss Bombardier CS100

The Swiss Bombardier CS100 – a masterpiece of modern aviation technology

Swiss Bombardier CS100

There are screens above each seat row

Onboard food

Although the flight was very short, I received a very well-presented snack.

Food Swiss Bombardier CS100

The snack I got onboard the Swiss Bombardier CS100

The landing

I already posted the video of the landing before. Actually I was very lucky that my flight was not canceled that day, because of the weather conditions. There was snow all over the place and we actually had to fly some circles, while the ground staff at Zurich Airport was busy with doing the snow shoveling.

By the time we landed the runway looked white again, though :-).

Swiss Bombardier CS100 Landing zurich Airport

Landing in snowy Zurich

Leaving the plane

The plane was parked not at a gate, but on an area located next to the E gates. So a bus drive was needed. But here comes the pleasant surprise: Swiss has a separate bus for business class passengers. There are other airlines that should learn from that.

Swiss Bombardier CS100 Zurich Airport

There was a separate bus for passengers booked on business class

The bottom line

Overall I was very happy with my flight. Swiss got the job done without any major mistakes. I will not lie, but the lounge at Malpensa Airport might seem unsatisfactory for people who spend more time there than I did. But the flight itself was very relaxing and the Swiss International Air Lines Bombardier CS100 was the real star here. I am sure I got to fly the most modern jet on the market, at least in its class.


Landing at Snowy Zurich Airport with the Swiss Bombardier CS100

Hi, let me just share some footage of my landing with the Swiss Bombardier CS100 at the snowy Zurich Airport on Sunday, December 10, 2017.

Swiss Bombardier CS100

That’s the Swiss Bombardier CS100 waiting at the gate

I came from Milano and we actually had to fly some circles before landing, as the runway had to be cleaned from all the snow coming down. But by the time we landed, it looked totally white again :-). The landscape during this landing was amazing – and so was the plane. It was my first flight in the Swiss Bombardier CS100, I enjoyed it a lot! You can literally feel that the plane is hightech all over. I especially noticed the huge windows, the incredibly good-looking seats and the small screens above each seat. My seat was in business class and Swiss did a damn good job even on a short flight like this. More on that in the upcoming report.

Full Bombardier Swiss Bomardier CS100 report coming soon

This was just my first impression and I am going to create a full flight report Youtube. Moreover, I’ll write a more detailed summary here on this blog. So stay tuned and enjoy the video!

American Airlines Business Class | Boeing 777-200ER | Madrid – Miami

Hi folks, so let me just summarize my experience in the American Airlines Business Class on the Boeing 777-200ER. To get a better impression, feel free to watch my trip report on Youtube, which you find right below.

So first of all I want to mention that if you are coming from a connection flight to Madrid, make sure you have enough time until your next flight. It’s always helpful to look up the minimum connection time at the airport’s website. Barajas is a huge airport and you will might need some time to switch between terminals, go through the passport control and so on. I had to go from Terminal T4 to T4S, which is a satellite terminal connected by an underground train.

The lounge at Barajas

I used the Iberia lounge at T4S. As I have mentioned in my other article about Iberia’s Business Class, I believe it is one of the better lounges in Europe. Great food, different areas to relax; however it can get crowded especially at noon, because there are many flights leaving overseas in the same time frame.

American Airlines Business Class seat

The first thing I noticed when entering is the fact that the seats I saw were made by B/E Aerospace. So this was not the retrofit with the Zodiac seats. The 1-2-1 layout offers direct aisle access. The seat itself was a dream – very soft and comfortable and the huge HD screen adds to that great first impression. In fact, I believe this was one of the most comfortable seats I have ever had in a plane.

The onboard service was flawless and so both the soft and the hard product convinced me.


I have to say, I really enjoyed this flight. The whole package this business class product offers seems very attractive to me: Good lounge, comfortable seats and a very professional crew are something that look for when I book business class – this is what I ordered and this is what the American Airlines Business Class delivered.

Iberia Short Haul Business Class | A319-100 | Frankfurt – Madrid

Hi, let me share my thoughts on my flight in the Iberia Short Haul Business Class from Frankfurt to Madrid. As always, you can see the most important aspects in my Youtube video:

I came from the Hilton Garden Inn at the Squaire, so to reach T2 at Frankfurt airport I had to take the shuttle bus. After completing the check-in and security procedure, I went straight to the Iberia lounge. It was early in the morning, so I was the first passenger there. The lounge has a livingroom feel to it, it’s just one room, not very big. Even though the selection of food and beverages is limited, everything was well arranged and it was enough for a quick breakfast.

Boarding: A bus brought everybody to the airplane. There was no priority boarding. Nobody was sitting next to me anyway, but I want to mention that the middle seat usually remains free in business class. There seats offered suffiecient legroom, even for me as a tall person.

Shortly after takeoff the crew started the onboard service with some breakfast. The plate included a tasty omelette, different sorts of bread and some yogurt. The crew worked friendly and efficiently. After 2 hours and 30 minutes, we landed in Madrid-Barajas right on time.


I enjoyed my flight in the Iberia Short Haul Business Class. The lounge in Frankfurt certainly wasn’t huge, but for a short flight it was absolutely ok. There was no passenger bridge for boarding, but rather a bus driving all passengers to the plane, no priority boarding. As it was a short haul flight, I think you can’t expect a separate bus for business class passengers, like Etihad offers on their long haul flights from Abu Dhabi. The seat was alright as well, while the service provided by the crew was flawless. My expectations, which were limited on a short flight like this, were met. It was a pleasant flight and the whole experience was good. However, business class on a long haul flight is a totally different thing 🙂.

Delta Airlines Business Class Boeing 767-300 | Delta One | Berlin/Tegel – New York/JFK

Hello everybody, so here I give my thoughts on the Delta Airlines Business Class in the Boeing 767-300. This time my trip started in Berlin, Germany. To be precise before flying to New York I spent a night in the Swissôtel at Kurfuerstendam. A nice business hotel with a great breakfast. The room I got, was a bit strange: Small single bed, but a huge bathroom with two sinks, a shower and a bath tub, overlooking the German capital city.

The next morning took a cab to Berlin-Tegel airport, which is the major international airport in the city, since Berlin-Brandenburg-International (BBI) is not in service yet. Tegel is a very old airport, you can really feel the Cold War inside. However, it operates quite efficiently from what I can say.

The Air France lounge that I was able to use, reflects the age of the airport in some way: There are no designated lavatories inside. Consequently you have to leave the lounge for some public restrooms. This isn’t the fault of Air France or the airlines or anybody else. There simply is no room to modernize the lounge in that respect.

Apart from that, the lounge is okay, but I doubt you would want to spend a lot of time there. It simply isn’t big enough and the selection of food and beverages is limited. For the short time I was there, it was perfectly alright.

The seat problem…

Until this point I was happy with my trip. But then, a series of problems started. Once I boarded the airplane and headed to the palce I reserved weeks in advance. I thought nothing has changed, because at check-in they didn’t tell me anything.

And everything looked like it was my place – there was a welcoming card on the seat, with my name on it. However, on the seat there was not only a welcoming card, but also some dude, who claimed it was his place. I was looking at the flight attendants, who also figured out that there was something going on. But instead of resolving the situation, they turned their backs at me and decided to do nothing. I looked at my boarding pass and realized there was another seat mentioned right next to it in the middle. It was already occupied by a lady though. Now economy boarding started and many people wanted to get through. So I went a little back further and took another seat that seemed free, because there was no card on it.

Still nobody from the crew felt obliged to tell me which was my seat and why my reservation was not in effect any more. So finally I asked the FAs, showed them my reservation, my ticket, the welcoming card. Only now they started to look into it and called some manager. After quite some time they came back and told me, that they have changed the plane from a 767-400 to a 767-300. So the only option for me to fly with them would be a seat behind the pilots rest seat. They emphasized I should be quiet during the flight, so I don’t disturb him. I did not like the idea of booking business class and being constrained in a weird way.

Make your service great again!

I asked them for the two middle seats which were not occupied. Finally they agreed. However, although the whole situation was not my fault, there was no apology and they weren’t too friendly either. It felt like I was a problem, not a customer.

I’m a fair guy, but they should not allow this situation to actually happen. And if it does, they should handle it quickly and efficiently.

Apart from that and some minor service issues like bringing me coffee instead of tea, the rest of the flight was okay. On my flight back on the other hand, the service was absolutely great again. The hard product is very good, the seat has an incredibly sleek look and is comfortable for sleeping, altough it could be bigger in width.

My conclusion: the Delta Airlines business class

Apart from the problem that I described and the inconsistency of the service, the flight was enjoyable. The Delta Airlines Business Class is a product that feels very new and well-maintained. And given the fact that on my flight back, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to complain, I would certainly fly with the Delta Airlines business class again. And in fact, I have already booked a flight with them: this time in the Boeing 777 – looking forward to it!

ETIHAD BOEING 777-200LR BUSINESS CLASS | Abu Dhabi-Singapore

So let’s continue my trip to Singapore, which started in Berlin. Here are my impressions of my flight in the Etihad Boeing 777-200LR from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. You can see everything that I describe in the video below:

Abu Dhabi airport

My flight to Singapore was via Abu Dhabi, so first of all I had the chance to check out the airport in general and the lounge in particular.

After arrival I had to go threw security again. This is, where the airport/Etihad should improve: The airport was crowded and there were no priority lines for business class passengers at least the day I was there.

Once I passed security, I went straight to the lounge. Here, I wasn’t disappointed – it is a very large lounge and the selection of food and beverages is great. So are the other facilities, like a modern business center, nice clean lavatories and even a spa area (which I didn’t use though).

The Etihad Boeing 777-200LR

After spending some time at the remarkable lounge I decided it was time to leave and to go to the gate. Here they had a separate business class line and also a separate bus to the airplane.

The seats in the Etihad Boeing 777-200LR aren’t as new as in the 787 on my previous flight. Nevertheless, they are in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving you plenty of privacy and direct aisle access.

As always, I was greeted by a very friendly crew and given a welcome drink as well ass a hot towel. Shortly after that, the pursor came to take my order for the dinner. I would like to point out that once again I was referred to by my name, which isn’t always the case in business class.

My conclusion

Apart from the fact that this was a different airplane and the seats were slightly different, everything else was the same as in my previous flight from Duesseldorf to Abu Dhabi: excellent. Etihad’s service was consistently good and it was a pleasure for me to be on board. The lounge in Abu Dhabi is spectacular not only because of its sheer size. It has so many things to offer, that you actually need plenty of time to test everything. I liked it!

For more on that, feel free to watch the video, where I show the flight in the Etihad Boeing 777-200LR in detail.


Etihad 787-9 Business Class | Düsseldorf-Abu Dhabi

Back in May, I flew from Düsseldorf, Germany to Singapore in the Etihad 787-9 business class. In essence there were two flights, one from Düsseldorf to Abu Dhabi and a connecting flight from there to Singapore.

Here is my video about the first part of that trip:

Although the video is quite detailed (at least in my view), I would like to take the oppurtunity to outline some more things I noticed about the Etihad 787-9 business class.

Some more details

First of all the lounge at Düsseldorf area: As you can see in the video it is nothing special and a bit dark. The interior is dated and certainly could use some refurbishing. The personnel was very friendly and the lounge was clean.

Once I was in the plane, there was absolutely nothing to complain about. The Etihad 787-9 business class is, in my opinion, one of the best business class products out there. Both the hard product as well as the service by the highly commited crew were simply more than the word great can describe. Also the service was consistently good on all the following flights with Etihad airways.

Even though I had a backward facing seat close to the aisle, privacy was good. A plastic slider on the side increased it even further. The seat was very comfortable for sleeping, but there was some hard part in it, that I found a bit uncomfortable. It was probably the “joint” of the seat. That being said, you can make the seat harder and softer, so you can diminish that problem to some degree. The length of the seat was ok, but Iberia’s seat was better in that regard, as far as I remember it.

Eat when you want!

The dine on demand concept is a significant upgrade compared to other airlines, where you have to eat at a specific time. Apart from that Etihad does not use the classic hostess trolley, instead the flight attendants bring the food to you like in a restaurant.

Etihad 787-9 business class

Main course in the Etihad 787-9 business class

On this flight the purser greeted me by name.

My conclusion

Overall it was a very enjoyable flight and I really like the Etihad 787-9 business class.

Don’t forget to read my trip report about Iberia’s business class:

Iberia Business Class – where do they stand?

So earlier this month I was travelling to Omaha, in order to visit Warren Buffett’s Annual General Meeting. To get there, I flew with Iberia over Madrid to Chicago and then with a domestic flight to Omaha. As I wanted to have a relaxing trip and enough space for myself I decided to try out Iberia’s business class. Here I will give you some information about this flight and the Iberia business class. What did I like and what not?

Iberia business class

The IFE screen in the Iberia business class

If you want to see the whole experience, feel free to watch the video I made about Iberia’s business class on Youtube:

First of all let’s start with the service on the ground. I did not have much time to test the Business Class lounge at Madrid Barajas airport, because I was already late. However I could throw a quick glance at it and I have to say that it is certainly one of the better lounges. It offers a decent variety of food, plenty of space and a very good atmosphere. It can get a bit crowded, though, especially, when a lot of flights to the US and South America leave during the same time frame. By the way, you can access the lounge through a duty-free shop.

From my own experience at Barajas airport I can give the following piece of advice: Plan with enough time between your flights. The airport is huge. To get from T4 to T4s you have to perform a marathon, including many escalators and even an underground train.

The hard product

The hard product is very, very good. I would say it is better than what BA has to offer (okay, their business class faces a LOT of criticism) and absolutely on par with, let’s say, Etihad’s business suite (I will write about that later). Yes, the Iberia business class is not the same, but the overall product is very good.

You access the plane, an Airbus A340-600, through a separate bridge, which adds to the exclusiveness. I received a very warm welcome by the crew, which was very professional, but at the same time not getting on one’s nerves, by asking every two seconds if everything is alright. I absolutely liked their approach to their tasks – helpful, polite, dedicated, but not pushy.

My seat was right next to the window, 4L. This was very nice in terms of privacy, you are not bothered by any “traffic” at the aisle. I strongly recommend those true window seats if you want to sleep well.

Great food, but one downside

Foodwise Iberia did a terrific job – it was simply excellent and so was the selection of wines. I tried a Rioja, which was fantastic (see the video for more about that).

Iberia business class food

The starter in the Iberia business class

Overall this was one of the most relaxing flights I have ever had. I felt very refreshed after arriving in Omaha and the same day, I wasn’t tired at all. This tells you a lot about the quality of Iberia’s business class. I could sleep very well during that flight – and this is certainly thanks to the 2 metre fully flat seat they built into their plane.

There is one little downside about Iberia’s business class: onboard internet connectivity. While they give you a voucher, it only grants you 4 MB of internet downloads – which is disappointing. And if you want to pay, there is no flat rate option, like Etihad offers for around 22 bucks. Surfing the internet you would end up paying hundreds of dollars.

For me that was not much of a problem though, because on this flight I did not want to use my laptop computer at all. I just enjoyed the great service, the good food and the possibility to catch some good sleep.

My conclusion – is the Iberia business class competitive?

Great job Iberia, it was a wonderful experience! Would I recommend the Iberia business class product? Absolutely! Would I choose Iberia again? Yes!

Want to know how to get tickets for Warren Buffett’s annual general meeting? Read my article here:

How to visit Warren Buffett’s Annual Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska 2017?

Bayer Annual General Meeting 2017, Bonn

Bayer Annual General Meeting

Bayer Annual General Meeting in Bonn, Germany

As promised here’s my report about the Bayer annual general meeting in Bonn, Germany. However, there won’t be a VLOG and I will tell you why. First of all you have to know that this year’s meeting was somewhat controversial due to the planned Bayer-Monsanto merger. For this reason, hundreds of protestors gathered at the World Conference Center in Bonn – commies, environmentalists, all sorts of political “activists” to tell you the truth. So Bayer had to react – with a rigorous security policy. And it was pretty much necessary as I’ll explain later.

At the entrance the company placed a huge tent with airport-style security checks, including x-rays. Cameras were not allowed, apart from cell phones. Also you had to respect the privacy of all participants. Hence, taking photos was a gray area (literally, regarding the age of most attendees ;-)). And doing a VLOG was practically impossible.

Nevertheless I do have some photos to illustrate the meeting, without disclosing the identity of anybody.

The Monsanto plan – controversial, but on track

As expected the Bayer-Monsanto deal was the most controversial topic out there. The Bayer management did everything to outline the good points about it. After all Monsanto is considered to be one of the most innovative companies worldwide. Mr Baumann, CEO of Bayer, told in his presentation, that Bayer has already filed the documents necessary to 30 authorities. However, even after asking, they did not really clarify how far the process is within those authorities. Anyway, according to Bayer everything seems to work out as planned. But who knows, what the future brings. The presentation of Mr Baumann was not only disrupted by some environmentalists chanting “Stop Bayer Monsanto”, but also by a guy who jumped on the stage trying to assault the board of directors, while shouting “You are poisoning our fields”. Luckily, he was quickly stopped by some security personnel.

Q&A session – is this the annual meeting of Bayer or the Communist Party?

After the speech of the chairman of the the supervisory board and the presentation of the CEO, all shareholders had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

And here is, where I see the real problem of that meeting. At the beginning EVERY shareholder had 10 minutes to ask QUESTIONS. Later it was reduced to only 5 minutes. The first people doing that were representatives of funds, analysts etc. – and it was really interesting to listen to them and their questions. They were mostly in favor of the Monsanto deal, while some had concerns, because of Monsantos’s reputation.

But what happened after them, is frankly outrageous: More and more lefties, environmentalists and troublemakers entered the stage. They did not have the intention to ask questions, but to use the opportunity to bring forward their political agenda. And yes, those people who probably own exactly 1 stock of Bayer got the same time for their political PR as the fund managers representing billions of $. In the end I assume that 90% of “questions” were communist speeches against global business in general and Bayer/Monsanto in particular. The questions put were purely rhetorical.

Is there a solution?

In my view this is entirely unacceptable and if Bayer does not want to see less and less real shareholders participating at their meeting, they have to find a solution for that.

I am not a legal specialist, but I suggest two options:

1) Only admit people to the annual meeting who have a minimum amount of shares. Others can use the postal vote and watch a livestream.

2) Tie the amount of shares to the time a shareholder has for questions. More shares, more importance, more time – sounds like a fair deal.

The food 🙂

In the meantime, I had the chance to get some food, which Bayer offered to its shareholders free of charge. Now while I am not one of those people who own stocks only to get something to eat at the general meeting  ;-), I enjoyed the German sausage, the meatball and the roll. Oh and you could eat and drink as much as you wanted :D.

Food at the Bayer shareholder meeting

Food at the Bayer shareholder meeting

The bottom line of the Bayer annual general meeting

Overall I think it was worth visiting the Bayer annual general meeting. It was particularly interesting to hear about the state of the Monsanto deal. Also, the Q&A part was informative – until it was basically taken over by communists, environmentalists and everything in between.

World conference Center Bonn - security tent

World conference Center Bonn – security tent

Next stop: Omaha, Nebraska where I want to visit the world-famous annual general meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. Looking forward to it!

Hannover Messe 2017 – where robotics meet industry 4.0

Two days before going to the Annual General Meeting of Bayer in Bonn, I decided to visit Hannover Messe 2017, probably the world’s largest industrial trade fair. I was particularly interested in the robotic field, not only as a shareholder of ABB and Fanuc, but also because I believe robots along with the internet are the steem machines of our time. It’s so exciting.

Not everything intersting for me – but a lot!

But, okay, let’s get back to business. To tell you the truth: Although I walked through all 27 fair halls (man, that was some loooooong walk), I could not look at everything with the same accuracy of course. What I show here, is only a small portion of what you could see at Hannover Messe 2017. Apart from that, I’ll be honest as well: Not everything that was shown there gained my interested. Don’t forget I’m actually a med student and while I like technology, I still am not an engineer who has an almost religious approach towards pressure valves in hydraulic systems.

However, I have so much respect for all those engineers and technicians who work on or with that terribly important stuff.

The Swiss robotic “dog” – a new competitor of Boston Dynamics?

In terms of Robots there were many, many stands – and of course Kuka was practically everywhere. But the first thing that surprised me, was this Swiss robotic dog. It is called “ANYmal” and it’s made by the company ANYbots. The salesperson technician told me, that it is not only a test object any more. They actually try to sell it for various purposes.

The robot is made by a company called “Anybotics”. It is based in Zurich and was established by a group of engineers from the world renowned ETH. Their product reminded me of what Boston Dynamics/Google has in stock – so they obviously have a new competitor.

Omron – the world’s first robotic ping-pong trainer

Omron was an other company I haven’t heard of before – and this is, I have to admit, very stupid. Not only are they a leading manufacturer when it comes to industrial robots, but also I believe you could buy their stock a few years ago for a considerably low price (I believe so, only my opinion, YOU do your own research, as always. YOU know the drill by now :-)).

Anyway, they showcased a real robotic ping-pong trainer. And no, it is not some toy for trade fairs. They really put a lot of emphasis in implementing a training software: The robot always plays slightly better than the human counterpart in order to achieve a training effect.

Hiwin – “Star Wars” from Taiwan

Hiwin was another company I haven’t really heard of before. I asked one of the representative about their products and the very friendly explained to me that they are a public company and hence stocklisted in Taiwan. Also, he told me, that unlike KUKA they focus not so much on robotic welding, but more on pick-and-place, part handling, assembly and other tasks.

I liked their creative and impressive product presentation – that company is certainly on MY watchlist.

There were so many more interesting robots from Fanuc, KUKA and other companies, so many stands – and I have a lot of photos and video footage of that. But it’s simply so much that I can’t show it all! Really, I recommend to any industry and engineering enthusiast to visit Hannover Messe next year!

…and finally something relevant for medicine

Like many other universities and German research facilities, the University of Stuttgart also had a stand at Hannover Messe 2017. The used the opportunity to show a scientific robot. In short they implemented the principles of ataxia into a robot. This approach can be very in the research of neurodegenerative disorders – and to develop brain pacemakers.

robotic ataxia simulaiton

robotic ataxia simulation – University of Stuttgart

Ataxia is a disorder that can occur for various reasons and in different forms. It affects the coordination of movements. For example patients can’t sit, stand or walk steadily. In a lot of cases the cerebellum is the origin of that disorder. And that is exactly what the researchers from the University of Stuttgart simulated in this model.

The bottom line

Was it worth visiting Hannover Messe 2017? Yes, absolutely. Even though I’m not an engineer myself, I found it very valuable to see where industry in general is heading: Towards more automation on the one hand and more communication on the other.

Industry 4.0 is not something futuristic any more, it is happening right here, right now. Things like predictive maintenance are already becoming a reality and will further improve productivity. I believe automation brings many chances not only for shareholders, but for mankind in general!

And btw, there still will be an article about Bayer’s annual general meeting in Bonn. All I can say now is that it was …strange. And I mean really strange!

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